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      I have been doing carpentry work, most of my life. I started working with my father ,Bill R. Brown, and my Uncle, Byron (Squirt) Brown, when I was a young teenager. They taught me how to build houses, finish concrete, how to treat a customer with respect. I worked with them till I graduated high school. After graduation, I joined USAF, served in operation Desert Storm. I proudly served my country 1987-91.

      After my service, to my country, I joined Carpenters Union in St. Louis. I worked out of union for almost a year, till work slowed down. At that time, I took withdrawal from Union, and started driving an 18 wheeler, over-the-road. In late 2000, I re joined Carpenters Union and worked for several years.

      While in Union, I worked on several high profile jobs in St. Louis. I worked on Renaissance Grand hotel downtown, I built CBC High School in 2002. I worked at Anheiser Busch plant. I was part of St. Anthonys Hospital expansion, and I was at the new St. Clare hospital  construction, from start to finish, 2007-08. I was superintendent for CB&E Contractors, where I worked on several projects, throughout Metro STL area. Allot of them for Enterprise Rental car properties.

      I was at the construction of the new Holcim cement plat in Ste. Genevieve, Mo.. While at this project, I built scaffolding to facilitate construction. After this project, I was sent to Granite City steel, to construct new cooling tower for the plant. Was very interesting project.

     All the while I was in the union, I always did "sidework", to help pay the bills. I was work slowed down, I was doing more & more work, on the side. Finally, 2012, I decided to do my own company full time. At that point, I became incorporated, licensed & insured. Being fully insured, is very important for a contractor, so as not to put any burden, on the customers, should some accident happen on their property.

     My father has since retired from construction, but is still very much a part of my company. He still advises me and "coaches" me and how to do certain "projects", and proper way to treat certain situations. If I am trusted with your next project, you can guarantee, your project will be completed with quality craftsmanship, on time & on budget!!